Altinn API - Authentication

How to access the apis

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Application owners

Should be authenticated with maskinporten.

API provisioning in Maskinporten


To provide an API in maskinporten Altinn has to do two operations.

As Api-provider Altinn registres a scope in Maskinporten:

POST /scopes
    "prefix": "altinn",
    "subscope": "instances/metadata.read",
    "description": "Clients can access metadata for all instances for all apps of the organisation"

As Api-provider Altinn has to give access to its scope for a given organisation:

PUT /scopes/access/889640782?scope=altinn:apps.read

Here we have given organisation 889640782 access to the scope altinn:instances/metadata.read The organisation must then create a client that uses the scope.


To access the Altinn api an organisation must create a client

As Api-consumer the organisation must create a client in Maskinporten with scopes provided by Altinn:

POST /clients/
    "client_name": "altinnOrgRead",
    "client_type": "CONFIDENTIAL",
    "description": "Client for accessing the my orgs app data",
    "scopes": [ "altinn:instances/metadata.read" ],
    "token_reference": "SELF_CONTAINED"


scope names must follow the following regexp: ^([a-z0-9]+\/?)+[a-z0-9]+(\.[a-z0-9]+)?$?. It means that we cannot have - or _ in scope names.

All instances scope


This is the most general scope which can be given to an organisation by Altinn. It means that the application owner can create a client that can access all instances of apps issued by that application owner. Clients with write scope will be able to instantiate applications through direct access to the app’s api, update metadata, update process state, upload data, validate data, and change process of an instance. Clients with read token will only be allowed to read metadata, data and events information.

Single app scope




appId = {org}/{app}

This is a more specific scope which gives clients access to data for a specific app, identified by appId restricted to specific data types: metadata, data and events.

  • metadata - allow clients to read/write instance metadata for instances of a specific app. Clients with write access can update process state and some selected attributes of the instance metadata. Clients can use the following apis:
    • {appPath}/org/app/instances (read/write)
    • {storagePath}/instances (read)
  • data - allow clients to read/write the data elements (formdata or attachement) associated with the instance metadata for a given app. Both app-backen and storage apis are awailable:
    • {appPath}/org/app/instances/{instanceOwnerId}/{instanceGuid}/data (read/write)
    • {storagePath}/instances/{instanceOwnerId}/{instanceGuid}/data (read)
  • events - allow clients to read events for a specific app. Events are found at the platform api:
    • {storagePath}/instances/{instanceOwnerId}/{instanceGuid}/events (read)
    • {storagePath}/applications/{org}/{app}/events (read)

Clients with read scope are allowed to query for data using GET. Clients with write scope are allowed to update data: POST, PUT and DELETE.

Exchange of JWT token

Application owners register clients in Maskinporten and selects the scope they need.

A client is authenticated by Maskinporten and are given a Maskinporten JWT access token.

This token has to be validated and replaced with an Altinn JWT access token which should be used to access the apis.

Maskinporten JWT access token (input)

Client provides a self-contained access-token.

Autorization: Bearer eyJraWQiOiJIdFlaMU1UbFZXUGNCV0JQVWV3TmxZd1RCRklicU1Hb081OFJ4bmN6TWJNIiwiYWxnIjoiUlMyNTYifQ.eyJhdWQiOiJ0ZXN0X3JwIiwic2NvcGUiOiJ ...
GET /authentication/api/v1/convert

The token looks something like this (after decoding):

  "kid": "HtYZ1MTlVWPcBWBPUewNlYwTBFIbqMGoO58RxnczMbM",
  "alg": "RS256"
  "aud": "https://tt02.altinn.no/maskinporten-api/",
  "scope": "altinn:instances.write",
  "iss": "https://oidc-ver2.difi.no/idporten-oidc-provider/",
  "client_amr": "virksomhetssertifikat",
  "token_type": "Bearer",
  "exp": 1571935870,
  "iat": 1571923870,
  "client_id": "0de19f7a-f5fa-45d1-874c-3d2e88ce97d9",
  "client_orgno": "974760673",
  "jti": "U3HMLIY8b_X454CADQzfttSuWpCADPQhc57iZXVF_Ac",
  "consumer": {
    "authority": "iso6523-actorid-upis",
    "ID": "0192:974760673"

Maksinporten provides the legal consumer (the client) in ISO 6523 format. The client_orgno claim is deprecated.

The Altinn JWT Access token (output)

The convert operation validates the incomming token and generates a new JWT token with the same scope as the token. The scopes is copied. The organisationNumber, org and orgName is added by the token converter.

  "scope": "altinn:instances.read altinn:instances.write",
  "token_type": "Bearer",
  "exp": 1571996946,
  "iat": 1571995146,
  "client_id": "0de19f7a-f5fa-45d1-874c-3d2e88ce97d9",
  "client_orgno": "974760673",
  "jti": "BcNIAuZKXdjpECmmwalAm-pcBp0iNc56T6eXhlxNBZE",
  "consumer": {
    "authority": "iso6523-actorid-upis",
    "ID": "0192:974760673"
  "org": "brg",
  "orgNumber": 974760673,
  "iss": "https://platform.altinn.cloud/",
  "AuthenticateMethod": "maskinporten",
  "AuthenticationLevel": 3,
  "nbf": 1571995146

Open ID Connect configuration

This is work-in-progress. The response is still missing required information and might be inconsistent with actual authentication mechanisms.

Metadata about Altinn as an Open ID provider is exposed as a .well-known endpoint as defined by OpenID Connect Discovery.

The primary porpose of this endpoint is to make available the Altinn signing certificate for the JSON Web Tokens being generated. It is recommended that clients of Altinn use this discovery endpoint to automatically have their systems updated when Altinn changes their signing certificate.

Environment URL
AT21 https://platform.at21.altinn.cloud/authentication/api/v1/openid/.well-known/openid-configuration