Altinn Studio

Altinn Studio is the design-time solution for developing, maintaining, building, and deploying applications.

Applications created can target simple and complex user scenarios and have modern web-native architecture.

Altinn Studio consists of several parts.

Altinn Studio Designer

Altinn Studio Designer is the main component of Altinn studio and provides the user with the following capabilities.


In Altinn Studio Dashboard, you can manage all your applications and create new ones for all organizations you are part of.

App configuration

UI Designer

The application developer can design a UI for digital services in the UI designer.

An extensive library of components and view options allows building the UI to match your needs.

Text Management

Text management allows the application developer to configure text for all languages that the digital service should support. Even right-to-left languages are supported.

Get the full details about Altinn Studio Designer.

Data modeling

As part of Altinn Studio Designer, a new data modeling tool allows application developers to create and modify data models to be used in App or exported as XSD and used in other solutions.

Altinn Studio Repos

Altinn Studio Repos provides the GIT capability for Altinn Studio with separate repositories for each application or data modeling.

Third party tools

Altinn studio stores all code for an application in a GIT repository. The developer can clone the application code to any machine. The application developer can modify the code in their favorite tools like Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio.

The team has created a local platform mock so developers can run apps locally on the dev machine to test and integrate with platform functionality.