UI Design

The UI-designer is the part of Altinn Studio where the developer can create UI for the app.

On this page:

The possibility to effectly build a user friendly user interface for an app, is an essential feature for Altinn Studio. This is one of the more complex functionalities developed as part of Altinn Studio.

The UI-designer has the following functionality:

  • Define a detailed layout (responsive design)
    • Add reusable form components
      • Configure form components
        • Connection to data model
        • Connection to texts/translations
  • Define/configure connections to external API
  • Define/configure rules for validation, calculation and dynamics
Drag’n drop of web components

Drag'n drop of web components

Form components

The form components are reusable components that are used to build the user interface of the app. Examples include input fields and title components. See a list of all available form components here.

It is also possible to define custom components and use this in the app.

Multiple form layouts

Altinn Studio supports creating form layous for multiple data models.

Read all about UI-desing in Application development handbook.