Last modified: May 28, 2024

Intro Course

Build an application with Altinn Studio

The intro course is divided into 7 modules and covers a fictional case for Sogndal Municipality. Each module has a description of the task and links to relevant documentation.

You can choose to perform the tasks in Altinn Studio Designer (drag-and-drop graphical user interface) or in a local development environment (requires some technical skills). You can also combine these approaches.

Throughout these seven modules, you will have covered the most essential functionality for an Altinn app, as well as testing the application locally and in a test environment.


To have a fully functional application, some local development is currently required. New functionality is continually added to the Designer, and the documentation is updated regularly. Module 1 can be completed entirely in Altinn Studio Designer.

Before you start

Before you can build an application, there are some things that need to be in place. Go through the following points from Get Started (wait with the remaining steps until Module 1):

  1. Create a user
  2. Learn to navigate Altinn Studio
  3. Get familiar with Altinn Studio Designer

Read through the requirements specifications (case description) for Sogndal Municipality and work through the modules step by step.

Good luck!

  • Case description

    Description of the municipality's requirements and wishes for the service.

  • Module 1

    Create an app and make a simple form

  • Module 2

    Add more pages, hide/show pages and prefill

  • Module 3

    Build and deploy application to test environment

  • Module 4

    Add code lists manually, programmatically and dynamically

  • Module 5

    Add confirmation step

  • Module 6

    Expansion of form with repeating group

  • Module 7

    Standalone extensions of the app

  • Solution

    Solution source code