Last modified: May 28, 2024


By using the Figma Community file Altinn Studio Komponenter you can create a clickable prototype where you can design the flow and content for your service.

Prototyping in Figma
Prototyping in Figma

The Altinn Studio Komponenter is a collection of examples and components that you can use to create a prototype of your app within Figma.

With Altinn Studio Komponenter from Figma community you can:

  • See what Altinn-forms look like and how they are experienced by the user
  • Familiarize yourself with design elements in Altinn 3
  • Define flow and content within your form
  • Create clickable sketch that can be user tested
  • Use the prototype as a guide/reference while the app is in development

Get started with Figma

Having a designer that already has experience in Figma or a similar tool would be an advantage. If you don’t have access to such a resource, we recommend going through an introductory course before you start.

Create a user on Figma can be installed locally or be used from your browser. Open the Altinn prototype-kit and follow the steps as described in the introduction on the first page if the file:

When the designer/professional has designed and user tested the form, it can be used as a specification for what the developers should create in Altinn Studio.

NOTE: If you are creating services for your own solution, where Altinn is invisible for the user, you should rather use your agency’s own design system to prototype your service.