Last modified: May 7, 2024

Static code lists from the application repository

How to configure static code lists from the application repository.

By adding json based option files in the application repository, the application will automatically read the file and expose it through the options api. For this to work, the files must be placed in the App/options/ folder and be named according to the following conventions {optionId}.json for the application to recognize them.

For example if you have a list of countries in a file named countries.json, the optionId would be countries, and would be exposed through the api at {org}/{app}/api/options/countries. The static code lists should be in a special format as shown below:

        "value": "norway",
        "label": "Norge"
        "value": "denmark",
        "label": "Danmark"
        "value": "sweden",
        "label": "country.label.sweden"

Note that the label field can be a key to a text resource (as shown above for sweden) or plain text.