Last modified: May 28, 2024


Reference documentation for Altinn Studio

  • Data

    Data model configuration, pre-filling and other items related to data in an app.

  • App User Interface

    Configuring components, layouts, pages, grid, etc.

  • Logic

    How to add, change and configure application logic such as validation, calculation, dynamics and more

  • Configuration

    Configuring different aspects of an app.

  • API

    The apps developed in Altinn Studio can expose both standard and custom APIs, and take advantage of APIs. Here are guides on how to do it.

  • Testing of apps

    Applications (apps) can be tested in the test environment, or locally.

  • Altinn Studio CLI

    Command line tool for upgrading Altinn Apps

  • Deployment of apps to production

    App owners can deploy their applications themselves.

  • Process handling

    The Application template supports defining a business process for the digital service.

  • Monitoring

    Altinn app instrumentation and monitoring.

  • Maintenance of app in production

    Applications in production require regular maintenance and updates.