Last modified: May 28, 2024

Deployment of apps to production

App owners can deploy their applications themselves.

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Getting access to a production environment

Before you can deploy an application to the production environment for the first time, a separate cluster for the service owner needs to be provisioned.

To get the cluster provisioned, the following process applies:

  1. Send an e-mail with a message about which apps you have ready for deployment to production.
  2. Confirm that service owner accepts the terms of use
  3. Wait for a reply that cluster is created.

This routine just needs to be followed once. When the cluster is set up, the solution is 100% self-serviced afterwards.

Deployment of app

Deploy of an application to production is done in the same way as for test environments.

Order “About form”-page on

Altinn maintains an overview of all services. In order for Altinn User Service to be able to help users with a service, information must be entered here. To ensure effective communication with Altinn user service and a seamless allocation of rights to the service, it is crucial to register the exact same name on both the “About form’-page and in the App. The order form is called “Publiser informasjon om tjeneste på Altinn PROD og TT02”, and can be found after login on

NB! The form is currently optimized for Altinn II services. Therefore, do the following:

  • In the field “Tjenestekode”, enter 9999 and in the field “Utgavekode” enter 9999.
  • In the field “Hvem skal bruke skjemaet” remember to specify which roles are required for using the app in addition to the description of who the app is meant for.
  • Runtime Environment

    Description of the Runtime Environment for Altinn 3 applications for a service owner.