Last modified: May 31, 2024


Altinn app instrumentation and monitoring.

We are migrating from using Application Insights SDK directly to using OpenTelemetry (OTel) as a vendor neutral solution to instrumenting and shipping telemetry from apps. This still allows us to offer existing Application Insights solution, but also enables developers to ship telemetry to custom monitoring solutions and vendors, and improve instrumentation and flexibility. This means that these documentation pages are currently in active development and may be temporarily incomplete.
Setting up custom rules and alerts is currently not available to application owners, but we are aiming to support this during the autumn of 2024.

To get started with monitoring in you app, see instrumentation and monitoring user guide.

This documentation contains information needed to support app developers and service owners in operating, monitoring/observing and instrumenting applications on the Altinn 3 platform.

Altinn 3 uses the open and vendor-neutral OpenTelemetry specifications and protocols for instrumenting and shipping telemetry end-to-end. This enables us to bring a baseline monitoring that serves all applications, and enables service owners to make appropriate customizations as necessary, from custom enrichment and instrumentation to completely separate monitoring platforms.

Core concepts

Instrumentation is your software saying what it is doing.

Telemetry is making that information available, whether by pull—something asking—or push—sending messages; “measurement at a distance”.

Monitoring is receiving instrumentation and making it visible.

Alerting is reacting to the monitored data, or patterns in the data.