App APIs

The APIs exposed by apps in Altinn 3.


The features documented here are the default features of any app created based on the app template in Altinn Studio. Application owners are free to make changes to this, but it is probably safe to say that removal of features will be extremly rare. Any app with changes to its API should have its own documentation published by the application owner.

All app API endpoints have the same URL base path that will vary based on application owner and application name.

Test environment (TT02)




The URL identifies the application owner specific hostname using the short name org, and the identificator of the app consisting of both the application owner short name and the name of the app; org/appname.

  • App metadata

    The app API to get metadata information for the app.

  • Instances

    The app API to work with instances of an app

  • Data elements

    The app API to work with the data elements associated with an instance.

  • Stateless data elements

    The app API to work with stateless date elements not associated with an instance

  • Process

    The process API endpoints to lead an instance through the defined process.

  • Validation

    The validation API endpoints for instances and data elements.