Last modified: Oct 12, 2021


The app API to work with the tags on a data element.

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The tag API for data elements have endpoints for listing of tags, adding a tag and removing a tag.



Get tags

Endpoint for retrieving a list of tags already added to a data element.

GET basePath/tags
Accept: application/json

Add tag

Endpoint for adding a tag to a data element.

POST basePath/tags
Content-Type: application/json


The body should contain the new word in quotes. This is the JSON representation of a text and the Content-Type needs to be application/json. The word being added can consist of any letter from all languages.

The response is a list of tags on the data element including the new word.

Delete tag

Endpoint for removing a tag from a data element.

DELETE basePath/tags/{tag}

The response will have status code 204 if the operation was successfull.