Last modified: Oct 5, 2022


A data element is a metadata container that is used to track the status of actual data blobs.


The data element model is the main model for metadata related to a specific data element. A data element can be any data associated with an instance. The two most common type of data is the actual form data and attachments.


idA globally unique id for the data element.
instanceGuidThe globally unique id for the instance the data element is associated with.
dataTypeThe name of the data type describing the requirements of the data element.
filenameThe data blob name if represented as a file.
contentTypeThe mime-type of the content of the blob.
blobStoragePathThe physical location of the data as it is stored in the Application owner storage account.
selfLinksA complex type containing a set of named links of how to obtain a copy of the data element.
sizeThe number of bytes in the blob.
lockedA value indicating whether the blob is read only.
refsA list of UUID values. Can be used to link related data elements.
isReadA boolean indicating if the dataElement has been read by a user.
createdThe date and time when the data element was first created.
createdByAn idenfificator indicating who it was that created the data element.
lastChangedThe date and time when the data element was last changed.
lastChangedByAn idenfificator indicating who it was that made the last change to the data element.

Complete example

This data element example is from the instance example.

    "id": "8a8a01ae-9533-4aa9-b914-8ab0fae6ea0d",
    "instanceGuid": "bd9edd59-b18c-4726-aa9e-6b150eade814",
    "dataType": "Kursdomene_BliTjenesteeier_M_2020-05-25_5703_34553_SERES",
    "filename": null,
    "contentType": "application/xml",
    "blobStoragePath": "ttd/bli-applikasjonseier/bd9edd59-b18c-4726-aa9e-6b150eade814/data/8a8a01ae-9533-4aa9-b914-8ab0fae6ea0d",
    "selfLinks": {
        "apps": "",
        "platform": ""
    "size": 401,
    "locked": false,
    "refs": [],
    "created": "2020-11-18T15:56:43.1089008Z",
    "createdBy": null,
    "lastChanged": "2020-11-18T15:56:43.1089008Z",
    "lastChangedBy": null