Last modified: May 15, 2023

App Template

The application template provided as part of the Altinn platform accelerates the development of digital services.

The App is created, designed and build in Altinn Studio and deployed to Altinn Apps.

The template support both simple and advanced scenarios for typical digital services.

  • It provides a configurable, flexible, and modern UI with built-in support for digital services’ most common UI components.
  • It is preconfigured and integrated with services provided by the Altinn Platform like storage, register, profile ++
  • It allows the developer to add their business logic and override the default behavior of the template.
  • It exposes API ready to be consumed by different types of consumers.
  • The template comes with preconfigured authentication and authorization using best practice standards and technology.
  • The template runs on a scalable and isolated cloud infrastructure.

Modern and flexible user interface (UI)

The UI part of the template is a flexible UI where the application developers can configure a UI to match the need for the service.

The developer configures and maps UI components to the data models defined for the digital service in the UI designer in Altinn Studio.

Read more about the UI and fronted capabilities.

Flexible process support

The app template has a built-in process engine that handles typical processes for digital public services. The template uses the BPMN standard for defining the application process, and the application template currently supports process tasks like data collection or delivery, confirmation, and feedback. In addition, the teams are working on adding tasks like signing and payment.

The app developer can add business logic related to the process events.

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Application template API

The application template contains API to support all common scenarios. If you create an application based on the template, it is ready to be consumed by mobile applications, enterprise systems, and others.

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Flexible and configurable business logic

Modern architecture

The Altinn App Template has an architecture that allows various frameworks and technologies to realize it.

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