Last modified: May 15, 2023

App Frontend configuration files

Description of the different configuration files used by app frontend

The App Frontend requires some configuration files to work correctly. These files are loaded through APIs.

Layout files

The form layout files are used to render the UI for the form feature. They defines which layout elements should be rendered, in what order, and contains details about how they should be rendered (ex. text keys, data model, etc.)


The default layout file, at the root of the ui config folder. This is only used if the app only has a single layout to use.


A configuration file used when an app has multiple layouts within a given process task. This defines f.ex. the order the layouts should be rendered in.


When an app has multiple sets of layout files (f.ex. multiple data tasks), this configuration file defines which layout files belong to which task.


All (non app-specific) text resources that are used in the app frontend.

JSON schema data model

Contains information about the data model and is used for client-side validation.

Text resources

App specific texts.