Last modified: May 15, 2023

App frontend features

High-level description of app frontend features

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The App Frontend SPA is separated in several features that is a collection of components and containers that support a given functional area for a App. Typical a feature is connected to a type of workflow step. Like form filling, signing, ++.

Support for new types of workflow steps will be added as they become available in the backend.


This feature is responsible for creating a specific instance of the app for the end user. This feature validates the selected party by checking authorization, and gives the user the option to select a new party (if available) if the current party is invalid. Once a user/party is validated, the backend API to create an instance is called, and the user is sent to the first process step defined for the app.


This feature is responsible for the data process task type, which is typically used for form filling. This includes rendering the form UI designed in Altinn Studio, running any rules/dynamics, calling APIs to perform calculations, validations, save form data, submit/move process to next step.

To render the form UI, the form layout defined in Altinn Studio is used together with metadata about the data model. The form components are rendered based on the contents of the form layout.


This feature is responsible for the confirmation process task type. This includes rendering a configurable confirmation view.


This feature is responsible for the feedback process task type. This includes rendering a configurable feedback view.


This feature is responsible to show the summary of the instance when an app is sent to end state of the process flow.