Create apps

Altinn Studio is our new tool for developing digital services aka apps. These can be anything from simple forms to very advanced applications.

Who can use Altinn Studio?
You have to be a service owner in Altinn and accept the conditions for Altinn in public cloud to be able to deploy apps to the production environment, but anyone can log into and check out the possibilities.

If you have questions or feedback, then you can contact us on Slack or GitHub, or just keep on reading this documentation.

  • Get started

    Get started so you can develop apps in Altinn Studio.

  • Intro course

    An introductory course to app development with Altinn Studio and local dev tools.

  • Design and planning

    To make the service as good as possible for the users, it is important to start by focusing on the users and understand their needs. Before you start developing, we recommend that you create a prototype and perform a user test.

  • Development

    How to create and edit apps in Altinn Studio.

  • Testing of apps

    Applications (apps) can be tested in the test environment, or locally.

  • Monitoring

    Altinn App metrics, telemetry and trace logs are available in Azure Application Insights.

  • Deployment of apps to production

    App owners can deploy their applications themselves.

  • Maintenance of app in production

    Applications in production require regular maintenance and updates.

  • Launched apps

    Some of the apps that are in production, for information and inspiration.