Intro course

An introductory course to app development with Altinn Studio and local dev tools.

This intro course is divided into six modules and covers a fictitious case for the municipality of Sogndal. Over the course of these six modules, you will have gone through the main functionality of an Altinn App, as well as testing the app locally and in a test environment.

Three things have to be in order before you can get started with this course.

  1. A user in Altinn Studio
  2. Your local development environment is set up with support for development and testing of apps
  3. Access to an organization with a test environment*

* A prerequisite for module 3. The remaining modules can be completed with full learning benefits without this being set up.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started!

Read through the municipality of Sogndal’s case, and work through it module by module.

  • Case description

    Description of the municipalitys requirements and wishes for the service.

  • Module 1

    Create app in Studio, set up local development environment and local test

  • Module 2

    Add more pages, dynamic tracks and prefill

  • Module 3

    Build and deploy application to test environment

  • Module 4

    Add code lists manually, progmatic and dynamically

  • Module 5

    Add confirmation step

  • Module 6

    Expansion of form with repeating group

  • Module 7

    Standalone extensions of the app

  • Solution

    Solution and explanation on knowledge checks