Last modified: Aug 3, 2022

Query parameters

Available query parameters for an app.


Query parameter returnUrl is used by the app to redirect users to that value when they click the exit-button in the app.


  • returnUrl must have a valid URL-format
  • The host defined in returnUrl must be the same host as the URL has (see example below).
  • The value of returnUrl must be a base64-encoded string

Example without base64-encoded string:

Example with base64-encoded string:

Here one can see that returnUrl has a valid URL-format and it has the same host name as the app defined in the beginning.

For readability, the examples below does not use base64-encoded strings.

One can not link to a different host name, this will not pass query parameter validation:

It is important to have the correct order of query parameters and special characters in the URL. Here is an example showing a correct URL: