Configure behavior during startup

How to configure app behavior during startup of app-frontend

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In applicationmetadata.json there is an option to configure the user interface when a user navigates to a direct link to the application. This is done in the field where you have the possibility to set the values new-instance (default) or select-instance. Standard behaviour if this field is not present is to create a new instance for the user.

Select from active instances

Notice: in order to use this functionality the application must reference version >= 4.15.2 of the nuget packages Altinn.App.PlatformServices, Altinn.App.Common and Altinn.App.Api.

If the field is set to select-instance the user is presented with a list of active instances for the selected reportree when navigating to the application.


The following configuration is added to applicationmetadata.json to configure select from active instance.

  "id": "ttd/demo-app",
  "org": "ttd",
  "title": {
    "nb": "Starte fra aktiv instans"
  "onEntry": {
    "show": "select-instance"

For users that do not have any active instances, a new instance will be created, while users that have active instances will be presented with the following user interface:

User interface for selecting active instances

User interface for selecting active instances