Last modified: Sep 18, 2023

App Events

Overview on app events - what it is and how to use it


App Events is the support for Altinn Events within the application template, providing standard event functionality for the application developers.

The functionality provided within the template is:

  1. Pushing events
  2. Receiving events
    • Subscribing to events
    • Validate subscription
    • Run custom code when receiving events

Subscribing to events

Subscring to events is descibed here

Validate subscriptions

Once the application successfully have created a subscription, the Event Service will send a ping event. It’s a regular event with a specific type There is already a handler for this type registered and the validation should be done without further action required.

Run custom code when receiving events

All inbound events are received through the EventsReceiverController on the route /{org}/{app}/api/v1/eventsreceiver. The controller uses IEventHandlerResolver interface to resolve the the class that should handle the event based on mapping the incoming event type to the EventType property on registered implementations of IEventHandler.

In order to handle an inbound event, all you have to do is two things:

  1. Create an implementation of IEventHandler
  2. Register your implementation in Program.cs

Create an implementation of IEventHandler

In order to run your code when you receive an event, you need to create a class implementing the IEventHandler interface. IEventHandler is an interface that can have multiple implementations registered. The key to resolving the correct implementation is the event type which means you need to set the EventType property equal to the event type you want to handle. This is then matched against the event type of the incoming events, and the ProcessEvent method is invoked.

Your implementation can of course have a constructor that takes in any registered service from the dependency injection container needed to handle the event.

    using Altinn.App.Core.Features;
    using Altinn.App.Core.Models;

    namespace Altinn.App.Core.Internal.Events
        /// <summary>
        /// Implementation used to handled events that the Event system used to validate
        /// the events receiver endpoint.
        /// </summary>
        public class SubscriptionValidationHandler : IEventHandler
            /// <inheritdoc/>
            public string EventType => "";

            /// <inheritdoc/>
            public Task<bool> ProcessEvent(CloudEvent cloudEvent)
                return Task.FromResult(true); 

Register your implementation in Program.cs

Add your implementation of the IEventHandler interface in Program.cs to allow the resolver to find it.

services.AddTransient<IEventHandler, SubscriptionValidationHandler>();