Overview of logic files and how they can be used.

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The various files that are used to define logic can be found in the logic menu that is available in the UI editor through the f(x)-icon at the top right corner.

Logic menu

Logic menu

They can also be edited directly from the application repo, under the folder App/logic (for server-side application logic) or the folder App/ui (for dynamic behaviour in the GUI). This folder contains the following files by default:

🗀 App/
  🗀 logic/
    🗀 DataProcessing/
      🗎 DataProcessingHandler.cs
    🗀 Print/
      🗎 PdfHandler.cs
    🗀 Validation/
      🗎 ValidationHandler.cs
    🗎 App.cs
    🗎 InstantiationHandler.cs

More files can be added when needed.

A complete project with examples on server-side application logic can be found here.

NOTE: The way you reference elements in the data model is different between OR and SERES type XSD’s. For OR XSD’s, .value is a necessary suffix in the reference. The example code beow uses a mixture of the two types of data models.


By editing the source code in the apps locally, e.g. in Visual Studio Code, you get intellisense and autocomplete automatically. For the C#-files, it’s easiest working on these locally.

For the javascript-files, intellisense/autocomplete is also available if you wish to edit the files directly in Altinn Studio. This appears automatically when writing, and you can also force it to appear by pressing CTRL + SPACE

Logic menu - auto-complete/intellisense

Logic menu - auto-complete/intellisense