Last modified: Mar 20, 2024


🚧 This documentation is a work in progress.




The following is an autogenerated list of the properties available for Address based on the component’s JSON schema file (linked below).

We are currently updating how we implement components, and the list of properties may not be entirely accurate.

Failed to retrieve JSON schema for ‘Address’. Make sure the component schemaname is spelled correctly.


We are currently updating Altinn Studio Designer with more configuration options! The documentation is continuously updated, and there may be more settings available than what is described here, and some settings may be in beta version.

Add component

    You can add a component in Altinn Studio Designer by dragging it from the list of components to the page area. Selecting the component brings up its configuration panel.

    Basic component:

      "$schema": "",
        "data": {
          "layout": [
              // Basic component (required properties)