Field settings

Texts attached to a field.

This functionality must be set up manually directly in form layout for now.

NOTE: This functionality requires app-frontend v3 or newer. See this link for more information.

Mark a field as optional

It is possible to mark a field as optional. The default is that required fields are marked as required (with *), while optional fields have no marking.

Optional default

Default optional field (no marking).

Required default

Default required field (marked with *).

Default behaviour can be overwritten by changing the settings of the field. This is done in the labelSettings property of a component in the form layout.

    "id": "input-felt-1",
    "type": "Input",
    "labelSettings": {
      "optionalIndicator": true

By setting optionalIndicator to true, the text (Optional) will be shown after the field label.

Optional with marking

Optional field with marking.

NOTE: It is not possible to force the Optional marking on a field that is required. Changing the optionalIndicator property does not alter or overrule the other properties of the field.