How to set up an app with multiple pages, tracks, summary or multiple layouts.

Setup of multiple pages can be done manually (as described below) or directly in the form editor in Altinn Studio. Note that the last page the user entered is cached so that they will return to this page when the app reloads.


To get funtionality for mutliple pages in a form, the nuget-version of the packages the app uses must be upgraded to version 1.2.0-alpha or newer. See instructions for how that is done here.

Multiple pages in a form (within the same process task) is supported by splitting up the current layout-file App/ui/FormLayout.json to one file per page. The files must be placed in a folder App/ui/layouts. Each layout file must use the same format as the existing FormLayout.json file. For example:

|- App/
  |- ui/
    |- layouts/
      |- side1.json
      |- side2.json
      |- side3.json

The recommended approach as long as there is a need to set it up manually, is to use the ui-editor in Altinn Studio to add all components to FormLayout.json, and then copy them to their respective layout files, one for each page you want. FormLayout.json can either be renamed under the layouts folder or be deleted.

Note: FormLayout.json must either be moved (can be renamed) into the layouts folder, or be deleted. If you have the old FormLayout.json file under the App/ui folder as it was, only this one will be used and all files under the App/ui/layouts folder will be ignored.