Last modified: Sep 18, 2023

Local development

How to configure the generation of PDF on local development environment

  1. Set up local test according to the description in app-localtest
  2. When you get to step 2 - add the pdf profile to your docker command
    This ensures the new pdf service is created.
    docker compose --profile pdf --profile localtest up -d --build
  3. Add PdfGenerationSettings to you appsettings.Development.json file
    "PdfGeneratorSettings": {
      "ServiceEndpointUri": "http://local.altinn.cloud/pdfservice/pdf",
      "AppPdfPageUriTemplate": "http://{hostName}/{appId}/#/instance/{instanceId}?pdf=1",
      "WaitForSelector": "#readyForPrint"
  4. Change the HostName under GeneralSettings in appsettings.json
    "GeneralSettings": {
     "HostName": "local.altinn.cloud"
    This used to say altinn3local.no, but should be the same as the url used to access local test environment. This could also be added in the appsettings.Development.json instead of appsettings.json as it is a dev setting.
  5. Enable the new PDF Service
      "FeatureManagement": {
     "NewPdfGeneration":  true