Create app in Altinn Studio

How to create a new application in Altinn Studio.

Altinn Studio is used to create applications (apps). An app could be anything from a simple form to a more complex application with APIs, user interfaces, and everything in between.

You create an app from the dashboard in Altinn Studio.

Dashboard in Altinn Studio

Dashboard - overview

  1. Click on “ny app"-button in the top right corner of the dashboard.
  2. Select the eier of the app. If you don’t have access to any organisations, you have to select your self and the app would be created in your “sandbox”.
  3. Add the navn of the app. This name is used to identify the application and will be used as the repository name, in URL’s, and APIs. The name should be short and descriptive, for instance “sick-leave” or “local-election-2019”.
    Name can not be changed after an app has been deployed.
  4. Click “Opprett applikasjon” to create the app.
New app popup

Create new app

Once the app is created, you will be forwarded to the created application.

App created

App created