Last modified: Jun 2, 2023

Apps infrastructure access

How to request access to Altinn Apps infrastructure.

Access to logs and secrets

There are two different roles that give access to the runtime environments in Altinn Apps.

  • Developer : grants access to Application Insights where logs for the applications owned by the service owner are stored.
  • Operations : grants access to Key Vault which is used to manage the secrets used by applications.

There are two variants of each role: one for test (TT02) and one for production (prod). A user can be assigned one or more roles.

The following roles can be requested assigned to a user by the service owner:

  • Test Developer
  • Test Operations
  • Prod Developer
  • Prod Operations

To be assigned a role you must first have a registered user belonging to the same service owner as the application whose runtime environment you wish to access. Requests are submitted using our self-service portal. There are also instructions for registering a new user for the first time.

To create a ticket requesting a new role for you user click the tab “Support” then choose the option “Ny sak” from the left-hand side menu.

  • On the first page of the form select the options: “Bestilling” and “Tilganger”.
  • Select the option “Altinn 3.0 - Apps” on the second page.
  • Finally, specify the desired roles along with the contact information of the user who the roles should be granted to.

When the user has been assigned the requested roles logs and/or secrets can be accessed through Microsoft Azure Portal.