Last modified: Sep 18, 2023


Use images and illustrations to emphasize points or illustrate concepts which are difficult to explain using text


  • You must add alternative texts which explain the image.
  • If an image is decorative, it’s best to not include an alternative text.
  • Don’t use images for images sake. Ask yourself if the image illustrates a point or increases the understanding of what you are trying to tell.
  • Check if the image scales well on different devices, like on mobile or a tablet. An image which looks good on a PC can quickly fill a smaller screen.
  • Avoid using images with text, as it cannot be read by screen readers.

How to write good alternative text

It is important that alternative texts are written consequently. We recommend following the suggested method by UUtilsynet

  • Never start with “Image of …”
  • Write short and start with the most important part of the image
  • End by saying if the photo is a photo, illustration or graphic.

Example “Three old wooden trolley. Photograph.”

Example of use: