Last modified: Sep 18, 2023

Consistency across services

To simplify usage and avoid confusion, interaction patterns should be shared across services.

When users interact with a new service, they carry expectations from previous interactions. When these expectations are met, interactions between with the user and the components of the form are less demanding, which reassures the user. By not requiring learning new interactions, the user’s focus will be on the content of the form.

We do not recommend changing the CSS for individual services that use the Altinn-design. Allowing
changes to the design and colour would hurt the consistency between services. Common designs between service owners is something that we should strive for. To achieve a common framework, cooperation between Altinn employees and service owners is required.

We wish for a good common solution that can be used and improved by all, instead of a variety of different solutions through unique CSS-changes. This will also simplify following accessibility requirements across apps on our platform. You will be required and responsible in following all WCAG-demands, should you choose to walk away from our design.

Do you need a new component?

We want everyone who is working on developing apps to contribute to our library of components with both design and code. Practically this means that Altinn is accepting suggestions of new components requested by service owners according to their needs.