Application Architecture for Altinn Apps

Altinn Apps is the solution where all the developed applications from Altinn Studio are deployed.

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Apps for a given org is deployed to a Altinn Apps Cluster.

The diagram below shows the different components in Altinn Apps and below you find links to the description of the Application Architecture for the different components/parts of Altinn Apps.

See fullscreen or download as visio.

App routing

In Altinn Apps each app is hosted inn different containers/Kubernetes Pods. We use Traefik to route traffic to the correct app/container/Pod

Application (App)

The App developed in Altinn Studio is deployed as a Docker container in a Kubernetes Pod. See deployment architecture for deployment details.

The App itself consist of two applications with different Application Architecture

Read more about the application architecture for App Frontend

Kubernetes Proxy

This is the application that gives Altinn Studio information about a Apps cluster