Last modified: Jun 13, 2024


The authentication component provides functionality to authenticate users and systems accessing Altinn Apps and Altinn platform.

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The authentication component is not an ID-provider and only create authentication sessions based on external ID-providers.

The authentication component creates JWT tokens with claims about user and system. The claims are based on the authentication information coming from the ID-providers.

Token exchange for Altinn Portal

When a user logs in to the Altinn Portal (Legacy Solution) it gets a Cookie containing information about the logged-in user. This cookie is a propiaritary format for ASP.NET (Full Framework) and can only be understood with application based on .NET Framework having access to the symmetric encryption key.

The Altinn Platform is based on .ASP.NET Core and can`t understand the cookie.

To allow for a user accessing an App in Altinn Apps or a component in Altinn Platform the current platform will expose an API that can decrypt an ASP.NET cookie and return user information to the Authentication component in Altinn Platform.

Token exchange for maskinporten

Organizations authenticated in maskinporten can exchange their JWT token for a valid Altinn Platform JWT token to be used against Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform.

Token exchange for ID-porten

End users authenticated through ID-porten can exchange their JWT token for a valid Altinn Platform JWT token to be used agains Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform.

The solution is available at

Authenticate user

The authentication resource enables authenticating a user and redirecting it to another Altinn-url. If the user is not authenticated already it will be sent to the login page before redirecting the user to its final destination {url}.

GET /authentication?goto={url}

Refresh a valid JwtToken

GET /refresh

Exchange a JWT token from an external token provider

Accepted providers include: maskinporten and id-porten. Request must include a bearer token in the authorization header. Set test equal to true if retrieving a token for Testdepartementet. (This ony works with maskinporten as the token provider.)

A token from id-porten contains both an id-token and and access-token. Only the access token it to be exhanged using this endpoint.
GET /exchange/{tokenProvider}?test={bool}

System Authentication


The application construction components for details how this component is constructued.