Last modified: Jun 18, 2024

Manage Access Lists in Altinn Studio

In Altinn Studio you can manage Access List for Resources in Altinn Resource Registry.


For certain services, restricting access to specific organizations is necessary. In Altinn 2, this was managed via the Service Rights Registry (SRR).

In Altinn 3, this functionality is handled by the Resource Rights Registry (RRR) through Access Lists.


  • Resource Registry Admin privileges
  • Membership in the AccessList group for a specified environment

Refer to Getting Started with Access Lists for more information.

Create new Access List

Navigate to the resource admin dashboard and click on the link for access list administration.

Access Lists

You’ll arrive at the overview page for Access Lists. Here, you’ll see a list of environments available to your organization.

Access Lists

Select an environment to view its Access Lists.

Click “Create new Access List” and provide a unique name and ID for your list.

Access Lists

Once created, you can add a description to your list.

Access Lists

Adding members to list

Add organizations as members to your list.

In production environments, search by name or organization number. In TT02, use the test organization’s number as names won’t display.

Access Lists

Assign Access List to resource

To assign your list to a resource:

  • Enable RRR for the resource.
  • Select one or more lists authorized as reportees for the resource.

Access Lists

Access Lists

After updating, publish the resource to various environments. Note: If you enable RRR before setting up the list, access will be lost for all.