Last modified: May 11, 2023

Access Groups

The Access Groups component is responsible for keeping track of membership of different Access Groups defined in Altinn.

This is work in progress

Access registry contains information about the centrally defined access groups.

See Github #25

The Access groups are grouped in one or more category trees.

The category trees will be used to present the access groups in UI.

Data model


This model describes a category. A category can have a parent category. If no parent is present, it is assumed to be a top category.

The category will be used by ui to present the access group category hierky.

The properties

  • Categoryid
  • ParentCategory

AccessGroup texts

Texts for access groups or AccessGroupsCategory

  • CategoryId
  • AccessGroupdId
  • Langauge
  • TextType
  • Text


Contains the reference between access groups and a category

AccessGroup defintion

  • Name of group in different languges
  • AccessGroup identifier

External Relationship

  • ExternalSource (Like ER)
  • ExternalID (Example DAGL, LEDE)
  • PartyTypeFilter(AS, ENK)
  • AccessGroupdID

AccessGroup Membership

  • MembershipID
  • CoveredBy UserId
  • Covered
  • OfferedByParty
  • AccessGroupId
  • ValidTo?

AccessGroup Delegation

  • DelegatedByParty
  • DelegatedByUserId
  • DelegationType
  • DelegatetDateTime

AccessGroup History

  • DelegatedBy
  • AccessGroupID
  • OfferedBy
  • CoveredByUserId
  • CoveredByPartyId
  • ChangeType (created, deleted)

Db model
Db model