Access Management component

The Access Management provides functionality to end users for managing groups, roles and rights

This is work in progress

The access management will provide functionality to manage different aspects of authorization in Altinn.

  • Delegate and revoke Altinn 2 roles
  • Add and remove membership for Access Groups
  • Delegate App and instance rights
  • Manage Delegatable Maskinporten API resources
  • List access groups members
  • List resources that is linked to access groups

This design is in early phase.

Delegation & Administration of Delegated API Access

This functionality allows users to delegate access throug API with help of delegating access in maskinporten.

API Delegations
API Delegations

This functionality is expected to be delivered winter 2022/2023.

Delegation of general resource rights

The second feature delivered from the new Access Management component will be

Delegation and management of Access Groups

As part of new design, management of access groups will take over for role management

Access groups
Access groups management


See details how AccessManagement is constructed.