Last modified: Dec 15, 2023

Altinn 3 Broker Architecture Principles

Altinn 3 Broker Architecture Principles

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This is work in progress

Digdir’s High Level Architecture Principles

See https://www.digdir.no/digital-samhandling/overordnede-arkitekturprinsipper/1065

Altinn 3 Architecture Principles


Further considerations and implications for Altinn 3 Broker

Open source

Though several commercial file transfer products have the necessary features, most such products are arguably disqualified due considerations regarding open source and licensing.

General future readiness


Alignment with upcoming EU architectures and standards


Cloud vs. on-premises hosting

TBD. Erik: NB! Minimum Dependencies by “pluggable components” and API first also nterally, e.g. substitute Azure Blob Storage with other storage solution.

Multi-channel and omni-channel