Altinn 3 Broker Advanced use cases and possible extensions

Altinn 3 Broker Advanced use cases and possible extensions

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Case Folders

Files may be correlated to form virtual case folders, possibly with multiple providers and consumers collaborating on a common case or end-to-end process crossing organization boundaries (seamless services).

Many-to-many Brokering


Many-to-many transfers with brokering illustrated …


Figure 13: ...

Anticipated use cases:

  1. Case management: The Case Folder is maintained across one or more providers.

Husk, Erik:

  • Pub-sub vs. content based routing vs. specific addressing
  • Authorization of events

Scenarios – sequence diagrams


Solution outline

The solution will build on the solution for basic managed file transfers.

Further details


Extension: Linking to Provider Storage instead of Broker File Storage

Uploading to the Broker File Storage may be avoided to avoid unnecessary uploading and file copies

Extension: Dialogporten integration

Extension: Solution Overview


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eFormidling integration