Last modified: Dec 15, 2023

Altinn 3 Broker FAQ

Altinn 3 Broker Architecture FAQ answers common questions.

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Why use Webhooks over API polling?

Webhooks offer several advantages over API polling:

  • Real-Time Data: Webhooks provide real-time data updates. As soon as an event occurs, the webhook sends the data, unlike polling where you might have to wait until the next poll interval.

  • Efficiency: Webhooks are more efficient as they only send data when there’s new or changed information. In contrast, polling repeatedly requests data at regular intervals, regardless of whether there are changes, which can be resource-intensive.

  • Reduced Server Load: Since webhooks respond to events, they reduce the load on both the client and server. Polling, especially if done frequently, can significantly increase server load and network traffic.

  • Scalability: Webhooks scale better with increased data or users. Polling can become more challenging to manage and less efficient as the scale increases.

  • Simplicity: Implementing webhooks can be simpler, as it involves setting up a URL endpoint to receive data. Polling requires more complex logic to handle the timing and frequency of requests.

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