Last modified: Jun 4, 2024

Common steps to get Started with Altinn Broker

How to get started with Altinn 3 Broker, for service owners, senders and recipients

    This section of the documentation is a work in progress. There are sections with missing or only partial documentation. Some functionality does not represent the final production version.

    These are common steps that all roles (Service Owner, Senders and Recipients) need to complete in order to start using the Altinn Broker component.

    1. Get an Altinn API Key

    In order to use any Altinn APIs, you need a subscription key for the APIs. This is passed as the header Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key in every request.

    If you do not already possess an API Key for the Maskinporten Client(s) you intend to use against Broker, you can get it by contacting us at Altinn@Slack#produkt-formidling.

    2. Register your Maskinporten Client with correct scopes

    Register your Maskinporten client(s) to authenticate with the Broker API, assigning them relevant scopes:

    • altinn:broker.write - For clients sending files.
    • - For clients receiving files.

    These scopes are maintained by Altinn and are required to be authorized for the appropriate API operations, and as such are independent of the access set by Service Owners for the specific Broker Service Resource.

    Use Samarbeidsportalen self-service for registration. Here’s a detailed guide.

    3. Get access to specific resource

    Contact the Service owner for the Broker Resource and ask for access to the Resource, supplying them with:

    • Organization number you will represent
    • System user
    This will in the future be handled by System User / Resource Registry /Access Lists through GUI.

    If you are a service owner creating your first Broker Service; skip to the Service Owner guide.

    4. Integrate against Broker API

    You are now ready to start integrating against the Broker APIs, see the developer guides for next steps.

    5. Set up Event Subscriptions

    In order to use events/webhooks for a Broker resource, you need to setup a subscription for the given resource.

    See the developer guide for detailed instruction.