Last modified: Jun 13, 2024

Altinn 3 Broker Developer guides

How to get started with Altinn 3 Broker, for developers

This section of the documentation is a work in progress. There are sections with missing or only partial documentation.

Since Altinn Broker is open source, you can access our code in our public github repo and build a local docker instance to test against.

We also welcome contributions to the solution.

See the readme file at github for an introduction to Altinn 3 Broker, and how to build and run it in your dev environment.

The Repo also contains a PostMan collection with examples.

Swagger for the File Transfer API is hosted here.

Overall API operation

To understand how the Broker API operates, including its dependencies and configuration steps, refer to the information below:

Altinn Broker Setup Sequence

You need to have performed the steps in Getting started to setup the Access requirements.

Overall process

Overall process flow reflect the implemented reality of the file transfer process

All operations are asynchronous, unless otherwise noted. As such, you should implement Event subscriptions to make your process optimized instead of relying on polling for status.


For all operations you will need to Authenticate using your Maskinporten Client then acquire an Altinn Token from Altinn Authentication.

Use the Altinn Token as a Bearer token for all Broker API requests along with the APIM subscription key as a header with the key Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key.