Last modified: Jun 4, 2024

Solution Architecture

Altinn 3 Broker solution architecture for basic use cases of Managed File Transfers.

The solution architecture described here is the foundation architecture for Altinn Broker, as relevant for the basic use cases of managed file transfers. Further descriptions of the solution architecture related to advanced use cases and possible future extensions will build on this foundation architecture.

Guiding Architecture Principles

Overarching architectural principles for digitization of the public sector

The overarching architectural principles for digitization of the public sector in Norway are a support for work with enterprise architecture and are intended to contribute to increased interoperability across enterprises and sectors.

These high level principals apply.

General Altinn 3 Architecture Principles

The Altinn 3 Architecture Principles apply.

Further considerations

Altinn 3 Broker is one of several Digdir products within the product groups for Messaging and Data Sharing. Architecture principles for these product groups are under construction.

Pending architecture principles for the relevant procuct areas, here are some important considerations for the Altinn 3 Broker solution architeture:

High Level Solution Overview – main building blocks

The following figure gives a high level solution overview.

Altinn 3 Broker High Level Solution Overview
Altinn 3 Broker High Level Solution Overview

This diagram expands on the basic context overview by indicating the involved building blocks.

The Altinn application components (right side) realize the functionality as indicated by the high level application services (bottom). The exact mapping between services and conponents is not shown in this, high level diagram.

In addition to general descriptions of each of the application components given elsewhere, here’s a summary of how these components relates to and serves Altinn 3 Broker:

  • ID-porten: Auhentication of human end users.
  • Maskinporten: Authentication and authorization of machines (End User Systems). Authorization features are realized in cooperation with the Altinn Authorization component.
  • Altinn Authorization. Register services resources and authorize access.
  • Altinn Notifications. Notifications to human end users via e-mail and sms.
  • Altinn Events. Notifications to webhooks in End User Systems.
  • Altinn Studio. Applications and user interface for self service configuration of the solutions.
  • Altinn Billing. Invoicing of customers.

An overview of related solutions is provided in the following diagram. This serves as a starting point for assessing interaction with, as well as the use and reuse of, other solutions in the detailed solution architecture for Altinn Broker. The most relevant solutions are highlighted in bold.

Digdir Solution Resources for Altinn 3 Broker
Digdir Solution Resources for Altinn 3 Broker

Transition Architecture - Altinn 2 to Altinn 3


Two migration options are supported for migration of Altinn Broker services - hard shift and soft switch.

Hard shift from Altinn 2 to Altinn 3 for all users of a service

With the Hard shift option, all users and End User Systems make a coordinated shift to Altinn 3.

This option is recommended in cases where such a coordinated shift is feasible. No transition solution is needed and all features of Altinn 3 may be used as soon as the shift has been made.

Uploaded files are stored om Altinn 2 Broker File Storage up until the shift.

Altinn 3 Broker Migration Option - Hard Shift
Altinn 3 Broker Migration Option - Hard Shift

Note: In this case, it is assumed that Altinn 2 Broker files have been purged and are not needed in Altinn 3 Broker. However, if required, it will be possible to move files from Altinn 2 to Altinn 3 Broker File Storage after the transition.

Soft shift from Altinn 2 to Altinn 3

With the Soft shift option, users and End User Systems shift to Altinn 3 on an individual basis, when ready. The transition solution bridges between Altinn 2 and Altinn 3.

During the transition period, uploaded files will always be stored on Altinn 3 Broker Storage.

Altinn 3 Broker Migration Option - Soft Shift
Altinn 3 Broker Migration Option - Soft Shift

File storage

Broker File Storage is based MS Azure Blob Storage, and isolated to a storage account per Service Owner.

Stored Files are always encrypted; ref. Azure Storage encryption for data at rest | Microsoft Learn.

Metadata storage

The following information model details the conceptual information model under basic concepts.

Altinn 3 Broker Metadata Storage Information Model
Altinn 3 Broker Metadata Storage Information Model

Addressing and Routing

The basic Altinn 3 Broker adressing and routing mechanisms are:

  • Specific adressing of recipients
  • Addressing via subscription

Note: Further adressing capabilities are considered, including criteria based om role, service and context.

Specific adressing of recipients


Addressing via subscription



Notifications to human end users

For notifications to human recipients via e-mail and sms, Altinn Broker uses the Altinn Notifications component.

Notifications to End User Systems

End User Systems may register custom webhooks for receiving events; see Altinn Events.

See the Altinn 3 Broker OpenAPI specification for specification of the supported events.

API Management

Azure API Management (APIM) is used for scaling, operational insights, and securing Altinn Broker APIs.

Altinn Broker runs on an APIM instance that is shared with other platform services in Altinn.

Logging and Monitoring


Clearing and Billing


Security Controls

The documentation of security controls is work in progress, first in Norwegian, then to be translated to English.

Security Controls via Azure API Management

Security Controls via Azure VNet

Authentication and Authorization

Checksum control

Virus check

In-transit protection

At rest protection

Altinn Broker File Storage

Support for custom storage solutions

DDoS attack prevention

Hosting options

Coding practices

Key Vault

Penetration testing