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Altinn on GitHub
GitHub logo We want it to be as easy for you to contribute - therefore most of our solutions can be found on GitHub. We value your comments and contributions highly!
  • About Altinn 3

    Altinn 3 is the third generation platform for developing and hosting digital services.

  • Changelog

    Overview of changes introduced into Altinn 3.

  • Contribute to the development of Altinn

    Discover how to contribute to Altinn Studio and the rest of Altinn 3.

  • Presentations from Altinn Coffee

    The Altinn-kaffe meeting series is a low threshold meeting series, where app owners (and potential app owners) can learn more about what we're doing in Altinn 3. It's also designed to gather information on how Altinn can help app owners realise their Altinn 3 potential. Slides mainly in Norwegian.