Last modified: Nov 27, 2023


This summarizes the high level goals for Altinn 3.

User friendly and responsive apps

  • User interface that is user friendly, effective and modern.
  • Support for Responsive Design both for forms and the development tool.
  • Built in accessibility with support for WCAG 2
  • Good performance and low response time

Effective and self-serviced development

  • As a developer you can do everything yourself (including deployment to production) whenever you want, without need for orders, training ++. Bottlenecks is eliminated.
  • Effective and real testing, where unit test works like in a test environment and production.
  • Support for creating automated tests of apps
  • Rules and logic is defined once for all channels (portal/web service / rest), and are more robust than current platform
  • Built inn data modelling in web based tool (and support for XSD import from external tools like SERES, OR, etc. )
  • Not necessary with Citrix for access to Altinn Studio

Simple for non-technical developers, flexible for technical developers

  • Non-technical app developers have access to needed functionality in browser
  • You can reuse good and tested components/widgets
  • It is easy to do call against API’s in other systems (retrieve data, run external logic)
  • Technically skilled developers can configure all aspect of the apps, as an example make a reusable widgets, stylesheets ++
  • Reuse of text and other resources on the desired level (platform, org, app), all languages supported
  • Git (version control) are used for source control for the apps, both from browser and code editor.

Open Source, cross-platform

  • Altinn 3 will be based on open source
  • Altinn 3 will be open source
  • Altinn 3 can run on your own computer, own servers on Windows, macOS or Linux
  • Everything is based on open web-standardes and regular development knowledge.