Last modified: Sep 8, 2021

Breaking changes

Overview of breaking changes introduced into app frontend in v3.0.0

As of v3.0.0 of app frontend, the font Altinn-DIN replaces the Roboto font that was used previously.

Once an app is upgraded to use v3 of the app frontend, all CSS expects the Altinn-DIN font to be loaded. In order for the app to display fonts as expected, the font that is loaded with the app must be updated.

In App/views/Home/Index.cshtml, replace the line

<link href="https://altinncdn.no/fonts/roboto/latin/roboto.css" rel="stylesheet">


<link href="https://altinncdn.no/fonts/altinn-din/altinn-din.css" rel="stylesheet">

The updated file, referring to v3 of app frontend, should reflect the changes of the file on the right:

Diff when upgrading to v3 of app frontend
Diff when upgrading to v3 of app frontend