Last modified: Sep 18, 2023

What's new

Overview of changes introduced in version 6.

6.0.2 Dependency update and bugfix

Updated eFormidling dependency to 1.3.2 in #13

Removed authentication on redirect endpoint in #15

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6.0.1 Bugfix for changes in repeating groups

This release fixes a bug where a change adding/removing rows in a repeating group in ProcessDataWrite() would cause an unexpected value in the changedFields property inside the API response. With this release, values in changedFields properly reflect changes inside repeating group rows, and sets changed rows/values to null when changes in ProcessDataWrite() causes rows to be removed.

6.0.0 .Net 6 upgrade

Upgrades App to .Net 6. See Breaking

See breaking changes for how to update you app to be compatible with this version.