Last modified: Jan 23, 2024

Contribute to the development of Altinn

Discover how to contribute to Altinn Studio and the rest of Altinn 3.

You can contribute to making Altinn as good as it can be by:

  • Following Altinn Studio on Github You can follow the development in Github and tell us that issues are important to you by giving them a thumbs up (👍). If you have input on the issue we recommend that you add a comment.
  • Report or fix bugs If you have found a bug that is yet to be reported, we would appreciate it if you create an issue on Github. If you have fixed a bug, you can create a Pull Request.
  • New component/functionality Are you in need of a new component or functionality while developing an app? If so, we would appreciate it if you tell us about your need, so that we can assess whether the request matches the patterns of interaction we want to support. We will also assess whether a new common component should be made, or whether an existing component can get added functionality. Thus, we appreciate it if you start by proposing a new component so that we can decide who will develop the component.
  • Propose a new component

    If you need a component or functionality we prefer that the need is registered as a feature request before development stars.

  • Develop a component

    We'd love if you start developing functionality or new components that Altinn has approved. We do however appreciate if you plan your work together with us before starting.

  • Intro for developers


  • Development handbook

    Developer handbook for contributions to the Altinn code base.