Last modified: Sep 8, 2021

App template and deps

Guidelines for working with the app template and its dependencies

Process for updating app template and its dependencies

Updating app template (Template files + depentent supporting projects)

  1. Complete changes in template
  2. Get PR approved
  3. Push alpha nugets & update reference in Altinn.Apps/AppTemplate
  4. Merge to master
  5. Complete testing of new feature Once testing is completed and successful
  6. Create new branch. Push nugets without alpha based on the branch Duplicate changes in Altinn Studio template
  7. Update nuget reference in Altinn Studio template.

Updating Altinn Platform and app template

  1. Code that requires changes in platform are merged in a seperate PR
  2. The platform code must be rolled out to all environments.
  3. Then, follow Updating app template for remaning changes.

If there is a need to deploy the code faster than the regular deploy schedule, a specific deploy should be considered.