Last modified: Feb 26, 2024

Getting started

Get started working with the frontend

The frontend is made up of several React applications. Each application covers a functional area.


The applications are grouped by the 3 solutions:

  • Altinn Studio (Designer)
  • Altinn Apps
  • Altinn Platform (Receipt)

Altinn Studio Designer

Altinn Apps & Platform

Technologies and frameworks


Each frontend runs within a .NET web application, where the transpiled javascript & CSS are referenced.

  • For Altinn Studio Designer and Altinn.Platform.Receipt, these files are deployed as part of the application itself.
  • For Altinn.Apps frontend, these files are hosted on a CDN, and loaded in at runtime.

Web application high level
High level overview of web application structure

All of the frontend apps are set up with the same overall React + Redux architecture:

  • Component: The react component
  • Props: Define how the component should render
  • Store: Contains all global state data used by the components
  • Action: Triggered when a component updates
  • Reducer: Listens to actions and updates the store according to which action is triggered
  • Redux-Saga: Middleware. Intercepts the action before it reaches the reducer, in order to process data before it goes to the store. Useful for handling async operations like calling APIs.

App frontend

Details of the architecture for app frontend can be found here.

Altinn Studio Designer frontend

Details of the architecture for Altinn Studio Designer frontend can be found here