Last modified: Sep 8, 2021

Naming Conventions

Naming guidelines for Altinn Studio development


The Altinn project will use Microsoft’s coding conventions as a general guideline when no other guidelines are given.

Exceptions/additions to the general guideline:

Implicit typing (var) should only be used when a variable is initialized with an anonymous type, which is a common scenario in LINQ query expressions. In general implicit typing makes the code more difficult to read and understand,and should be avoided. Altinn specific coding guidelines:

Methods should not be more than 50 lines long When dealing with XML you should prefer XDocument to XmlDocument (especially in new methods) If/for/while/using and other structures should normally not be more than 2-3 levels deep All disposeable objects (proxies, DbCommand and so on) should be disposed by using a using block. Altinn specific naming guidelines:

Names for classes, methods and variables should be describing, but not too long WCF-Artifact Naming TUL Naming Standard Namespace & Solution Structure


Names of react-components should be descriptive and in pascal case


Names of actions should be descriptive and in camel case.
An action should have the initial action, for instance fetchFormLayout, and an action if it succeeds and if it fails. For instance fetchFormLayoutFulfilled(succeed) and fetchFormLayoutRejected(failed).


Names of sagas should have the name of the action it listens to, and the word Saga appended to the end. For instance fetchFormLayoutSaga.
And for saga-watchers, should have the watch-word appended to the start, and the saga name it watches. For instance watchFetchFormLayoutSaga.


Names of reducers should have a descriptive name of that it is responsible for updating in the redux-store, and the word Reducer appended to the end. For instace formLayoutReducer.