This document describes how one can start working on a test cafe project from installtion of plugins, cloning the project to run tests and pipeline information.

Clone project in Visual Studio Code

Clone the project- git clone https://github.com/Altinn/altinn-studio.git

Code for Testcafe tests in altinn.studio

Install Tools

  1. Open PowerShell -> Verify Node and Npm version
    • npm -v (6.9.0)
    • node -v (9.5.0)
  2. Install npm
    • npm install -g npm
  3. Install npm in the Altinn Studio project
    • Navigate to the folder - C:\Altinn Studio\altinn-studio\src\test\Testcafe
    • Run command – npm install
  4. Ensure that the environment variables has the path of npm
    • C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\npm

Run a Test Locally from PowerShell

  1. Open testRunner.js in Visual Studio Code
  2. Set the browser as: Chrome
  3. Speed controls the speed of the execution
  4. Open a test fixture .js file (e.x., designer_tests -> navigation-tests.js)
  5. ‘.only’ can be used to run a specific fixture or a test case
  6. Save the project
  7. Open PowerShell and navigate to C:\Altinn Studio\altinn-studio\src\test\Testcafe
  8. Set environment to run the test using: set ENV=dev
  9. Set password for the test users of Studio using: set “username from config.json”=password
  10. Run the command – ‘node .\testRunner.js’ to run general tests
  11. Run the command - ‘node .\WCAGRunner.js’ to run wcag tests

Test cafe pipeline in Azure Devops

Azure Devops Pipeline