App owner functionality in Altinn 3

This is the functionality available for app owners in Altinn 3, and some of the larger planned changes.

On this page:

Launched functionality

For information on How to use the functionalities described here, see the Altinn Studio and API user documentation.

GUI based app development

In the Altinn Studio GUI you can do the following:

  • Create (and retrieve) an app
  • Upload a data model
  • Add and edit texts
  • Create a simple form (one or more pages), which links elements, texts and data model
  • Add and edit rules for dynamics (Note! Coded as JavaScript)
  • Deploy app to test and production environments

Code based app development

By downloading the app code (through Git) locally (or by editing the app files in the repository view) you can do a wide variety of changes to the app. This includes standard functionality for:

  • Making rules for validation and calculation
  • Add prefill
  • Add lookup to external APIs
  • Edit the process/workflow of the app
  • Edit the authorisation rules for the app, and make custom logic for instantiating
  • Make custom events

Test locally

Once you have your app code locally, you can also take advantage of a local test enviroment for most types of app testing.

Integration with app owner

Altinn 3 has standardised APIs that the app owner can use to upload and download data. For downloading Altinn 3 relies on the app owner polling for information and downloading data (pull). In addition app owner can use the app APIs to instantiate or change the data and/or status for instances.

You can reduce the amount of polling by using push events - where app owner can be notified when there is data available for download (Q2 2021) (#4728) ✔️

To use the APIs as an app owner, you need to authenticate using Maskinporten.

Maintaining apps

App owners get access to monitoring their apps, so they can keep track of how they are functioning. See also the pages about app maintenance.

  • Let developers easily copy an old app into a new one (Q3 2021) (#5923) ✔️

Upcoming functionality

Altinn 3 is in constant development, and functionality is released continuously. The backlog is revised eight times a year, and minor changes may occur between these revisions. In general, the further into the future a functionality is planned, the less certain the time frame is for said functionality.

Changes described in italic are regarded as ideas, and if they are to be developed has not yet been decided.

GUI based app development

For all upcoming functionality, we assess if it’s suitable for solving i the GUI. At some point (2023 or later) we will intensify the effort to make more functionality available through GUI.

  • Support branching in Altinn Studio (Q4 2021) (#985)

Data modelling

The dependency on data modelling having to be done in an external tool will be removed. Some highlights from the plans for data modelling in Altinn 3 is:

  • To work with a data modeli in a GUI (Q4 2021) (#5551)
  • Integrations with Felles datakatalog (Q1 2022) (#3811)
  • To get an auto-generated data model from the app GUI you build
  • To get an auto-generated draft for an app GUI from the data model

Maintaining apps

We wish to make app owners able to maintain their apps themselves in Altinn 3. To achieve this we will (among other things):

  • Make it possible to decomission an app (Q4 2021) (#3717)
  • Add a Web analysis tool for the apps

Integration with app owner

Pull of data will stay as the main pattern for downloading data as an app owner, but a few exceptions will come:

  • Possibility to use eFormidling as an interface to get data sent from Altinn to app owner (Q4 2021) (#4788)
  • Split of data - multiple app owners can receive data from the same app (Q3 2022) (#4274)